01 January 2008

Archies 2007

Seems like a tradition worth keeping, so we'll see how many I can come up with.  Warning - you may notice a theme.
  • Change - not the coins, but the existential state
  • Creative Kidstuff - taking all the guesswork out of those nephew/niece gifts
  • Caribou and Dunn Brothers coffee - all the warm fuzzy of local, all the convenience of chains
  • Remember the Milk and Mint - let the internet organize for you
  • The Heights Theatre - cool and nearby, double ++
  • Basements and garages - hmm, let's put that box somewhere and forget it for 3 months
  • Ice chippers - to allow us to get into the garage in question
  • The Q50 - maybe not "essential" downloads but at least "fun"
  • IKEA - yes you can furnish your house from one store, if you're handy with an allen wrench
  • Very Short List - a daily email that is actually quick and useful
  • Facebook goes nuclear - is it still wasting time if you're doing it with friends?
  • Finally having a frickin DVR - I know I'm shallow
  • Ax Man Surplus stores - I probably laughed more here than anywhere in months
  • The Electric Fetus - terrible name, great record store
  • Gmail adds IMAP -  I find I like free things that work incredibly well
  • Neighbors who bring you pies and cookies
  • Hound Dog Pet Hotel - we'd never had to use a kennel before, but it turned out great
  • Soul Jazz and Numero Group Records - awesomely consistent, consistently awesome
  • Google Reader - finally RSS really is simple
  • Turner Classic Movies - yeah, still
  • Onion AV Club - yeah, still
  • Surdyk's Liquor and Cheese Shop - yeah, distilled... oh and great wine/beer/food selection too
  • Columbia Sportswear - winter schminter
  • Neighborhood restaurants - of which there are plenty in MSP
  • Being the old guy - I'm taking classes where the average age is probably 10 years below me, so I get to be the wise and weird one, and oh how I can fill that role
  • Magazines like the New Yorker, the Atlantic, Harper's, Dwell, Readymade, and Good - pretty much why my "books read" list hovers around zero (and I'm scared that one day I will accept those free issues of The Economist I keep getting offered and I'll never go outside again) 
  • The "In Rainbows" experiment - I'm always glad when success doesn't diminish nerve, but enhances it; oh yeah and the music was good too
  • Fond farewells - and anticipated reunions

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Donna B. said...

Thanks for playing along, Greg. I made some discoveries on your list!