05 February 2008

Join the PRKA

Guess I'm a few years slow on this one, but as usual, George Saunders comes up with something worth remembering:

Last Thursday, my organization, People Reluctant To Kill for an Abstraction, orchestrated an overwhelming show of force around the globe.

At precisely 9 in the morning, working with focus and stealth, our entire membership succeeded in simultaneously beheading no one. At 10, Phase II began, during which our entire membership did not force a single man to suck another man's penis. Also, none of us blew himself/herself up in a crowded public place. No civilians were literally turned inside out via our powerful explosives. In addition, at 11, in Phase III, zero (0) planes were flown into buildings.

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TOR Hershman said...

No one blowed-up real good like???

You lazzzz-ie bonzzzzzzzz.

You have a most interesting and amusing blog.

Stay on groovin' safari,